Angular 2, Webpack and lazy loaded routing modules boilerplate

Hi i’m currently working on my IOT service called IOTSpeak, I will get back to more details about it when it’s launched.

In this project i’m developing an Angular 2 app using TypeScript. The web app connects to the service using an Web Api that in the future could be used by different native phone apps.

In the past weeks i have been thinking of how I should package the web app for production. And I also went to a local Meetup (UppsalaJS) where i saw a talk about Webpack and HMR (Hot Module Replacement) which inspired me to look into using Webpack. The talk was made by Emil Öberg, you can find the talk on YouTube.

In  the process of truly learning a bit of Webpack I created a repository at GitHub: Angular2 Webpack Lazyloading Boilerplate which utilize lazyloaded modules that serves in chunks when required. And creates a nicely production package for deployment. Right now this repository is not using HMR.

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