A Telegram Chat Bot Client written in c#

I thought i should share my latest little GitHub project. Yesterday i thought of doing a chat bot for one of my upcoming IOT projects and I decided to make a .Net Standard C# client that can be reused. Now one day later i have a first version done. It can send messages to a… Continue reading A Telegram Chat Bot Client written in c#

Angular 2, Webpack and lazy loaded routing modules boilerplate

Hi i’m currently working on my IOT service called IOTSpeak, I will get back to more details about it when it’s launched. In this project i’m developing an Angular 2 app using TypeScript. The web app connects to the service using an Web Api that in the future could be used by different native phone apps.

Padjelanta national park

One of last summers highlights was definitely a trip to Padjelanta national park in north of Sweden. We spent 4 nights in tents and did some hiking during the days. Padjelanta offered som magnificant views. Here follows some photos:

Internet of Things (IoT)

As i wrote in my previous post about Ardunio one of my hobbies are programming micro controllers. This have led me to get in touch of the term Internet of Things (IoT) What I’m currently working with are internet connected NodeMCU ESP8266 modules that read temperature and humidity and reports it to my IOT web… Continue reading Internet of Things (IoT)


I got into the world of programming Arduino micro controllers after a colleague showed me his poker blind machine we used in a small poker “tournament” at work. I bought some arduinos and competed a lot of different electrical laboratories where I learned a lot about handling electronics.


Ingress is a game i’m found of, I play it on my android phone. You can read more about ingress here.